Quality of Products

We make all products in small batches. We do this so that your products are fresh as possible when received. The products may appear different in person than on the site.

What If My Body Butter Melts?

During the summer, whipped body butter can potentially arrive softer than expected due to the heat. You can refrigerate the butter for up to 5 mins, solidifying the butter back to its natural state. 

Shipping of Body Butters

Orders with body butters are shipped Monday- Wednesday, this will prevent them from melting due to the possibility of them sitting over the weekend at USPS.


The majority of our items are made without preservatives, so it is imperative that you do not allow water to get into the container. To use, you should use an applicator or clean, dry hands to remove products. If not in use, secure products with their lids tight and store in a dry, cool area. This will preserve the product's shelf life and allow it to perform at its highest quality. 


 Product names, brands, and other trademarks or trade names featured in our collections are not affiliated with our products, our website, nor are they any sponsorship or endorsements with the materials used by this company. Use of these trademarks (type) product names in no way indicates any relationship between those trademarks and The Divine Elegance Co.


What if I have an allergic reaction? 

We recommend that you discontinue the use of the item immediately and contact your physician. The physician will be able to provide the details on what ingredients may have caused the allergic reaction.